Joey Kanaly
I am a student that finds programming to be the most fun and challenging thing to do.
Terminate TV Terminate
This game was developed during the 2015 Global Game Jam. This was my most recently developed game. Again being one of the main developers I was in charge of handling the multiplayer character selection screen and attempting to develop a volume meter to detect the loudness of the players during gameplay using a microphone input, unfortunately we were unable to fully implement the microphone input due to software limitations in the selected game engine, game maker, so the functionality was left out of the final product. However further development has been considered for the game in a different engine such as Unity.
This game was developed during the 2014 Global Game Jam. This was the second finished game that I helped develop. For this game I was the programmer that again dealt with the multiplayer aspect, I had also developed the random terrain generation. I had also helped with the random generation of the enemies, directly with the placement determined by the terrain generation. Unfortunately due to the lack of development time, lack of developers, and unforeseen bugs we were unable to fully develop multiplayer capabilities.
This game was developed over the span of 16 weeks, during class time. This game was developed for a black history museum, however the lack of contact from the museum led to its current state of no development. During its production I was in charge of developing the XML for the room loading that would have been used more in the future for the use of different rooms. I was also in charge of developing a room editor to allow for an easier time producing the rooms for future design. The project was built with C++ and OpenGL 3.3 with a custom engine developed by myself and another developer.